maandag 22 september 2014

LabourStart petitie: Say No to union-busting of Palestinian workers organizing in Mishor Adumim

 An attempt to unionize Palestinian garage workers in the West Bank is being busted by an Israeli employer working together with police. Workers at the Zarfati Garage organized in the independent WAC-MAAN union, called a strike to defend their rights and the employer retaliated by fabricating “security” charges against the union leader, Hatem Abu Ziadeh using the war in Gaza as a cover. Israeli police have now revoked his work permit, which meant his actual dismissal. WAC-MAAN and the workers at Zarfati Garage are determined to struggle against this arbitrary persecution of Committee Chairperson Hatem Abu Ziadeh. Please support their demand to cancel all charges against Abu Ziadeh and allow the workers to freely organize and demand their rights.

Support them by sending a message of protest.

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