maandag 13 april 2015

Human Rights' Watch rapport over de uitbuiting van Palestijnse kinderarbeiders in de Israëlische nederzettingen in de Jordaanvallei

Zie "Ripe for Abuse, Palestinian Child Labor in Israeli Agricultural, Settlements in the West Bank"

Toegevoegd zijn de aanbevelingen van p. 12 en p. 13 hieronder ter info. 


To Israel
• Prohibit all settlers from employing Palestinian children, whether directly or through middlemen, for work in violation of international law, in particular, any employment of children under the age of 15, or employment of children under age 18 in hazardous work.
• Impose penalties on employers or contractors who illegally employ children.
• Lift unlawful restrictions on Palestinians in occupied territory that contribute to Palestinian poverty and unemployment, and to the vulnerability of Palestinian children to rights abuses on settlement farms and dropping out of school, including restrictions on Palestinian freedom of movement, access to water and electricity, and land use such as for agriculture, housing, and educational facilities.
• Abide by its obligations as the occupying power and dismantle civilian settlements in the occupied West Bank.

To the European Union and EU Member States 
• Revise the “Technical Arrangement” of the EU/Israel Association Agreement to require Israel to exclude agricultural settlement products from shipments of Israeli goods eligible for preferential tariff treatment.
• Instruct European importers to cease imports of agricultural settlement products.

To the United States
• Revise the US/Israel Free Trade Agreement to exclude agricultural settlement products.
• Instruct US importers to cease imports of agricultural settlement products.

To Palestine
• Improve enforcement of laws on children’s free and compulsory education and prohibitions on child labor in areas where there is Palestinian jurisdiction, including by disciplining or prosecuting middlemen when the Israeli abusers fall outside of Palestinian jurisdiction.
• Seek membership in the International Labor Organization (ILO), and ratify ILO Convention 138 on the Minimum Age for Admission to Employment and ILO Convention 182 on the Worst Forms of Child Labor.7
• Continue to press foreign governments to cease imports of settlement agricultural products.

To Businesses Active in Israeli Settlements 
• Cease activities in the Israeli settlement agricultural sector, including providing equipment or services, and exporting or marketing agricultural produce.

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