dinsdag 13 mei 2014

Statement on the occasion of May Day 2014 issued by the Palestinian Postal Service Workers' Union / State of Palestine

Dear sisters and brothers working in the postal and logistics services sector in Palestine,
Dear Palestinian trade unions and trade union federations,
Dear sister unions and trade union organizations worldwide,
Dear fellow post and logistics sector workers around the world,

As all workers worldwide, Palestinian postal service workers are celebrating May Day. This year, we earmarked this day by organizing our general conference and holding democratic elections for our new leadership. 
On this occasion, we would like to convey our annual message to our members, national and international allies, and all postal sector workers worldwide: 
1.      PPSWU would like to thank all postal workers in the State of Palestine, and calls upon them to stay strong and determined, and prepare for the next stage of our struggle in order to achieve equal rights for all postal service workers. After casual workers on various forms of temporary contracts obtained a salary raise of 500 NIS based on the collective agreement with the union, the union calls upon all workers to mobilize behind their demands and to continue to fight for the right to job security and stability guaranteed by our legislation, to continue to perform their national and professional duty, and deploy efforts to organize all employees in the services and logistics sector in our independent, democratic and effective union. 
2.      PPSWU calls upon the Palestinian government headed by Dr. Rami Al-Hamdallah to endeavor to improve the work conditions in the Palestinian Post, which belongs to the Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technology, by granting a risk bonus to postal service worker and enabling temporary workers to obtain the status of permanent governmental employees, which is a basic right 
3.      PPSWU calls upon all Palestinian trade unions and their federations to join forces for obtaining the implementation of the minimum wage and all other rights guaranteed by the labor law, as well as pension and social security laws. It also asks them to work together in order to strengthen the power of the labor movement by promoting the right to organize and seeking better protection for unionists through putting pressure for the adoption of a law on trade union freedoms, and to deploy common efforts for promoting boycott, divestment and sanctions against the Israeli occupation by denouncing the daily Israeli violations of the human rights of workers and their families all over Palestine. Finally, we urge them to stand united and support the demand for a permanent governmental employee status  for all workers of the Palestinian Post, who are still on temporary casual contracts. 
4.      PPSWU considers itself blessed to have established solidarity relations with fellow unionists around the world and international trade unions. We would like to express our deep appreciation and gratitude to the unions and organizations that have visited us, and witnessed the conditions of postal service workers in Palestine (FNV, CWU, Unite, Unison), and thank all those, who have sent messages of solidarity to us, or have answered our call for a postal workers’ boycott of the Israeli occupation, such as the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW). We reiterate our appeal, which will remain valid until we achieve the just and legitimate demands of the Palestinian people, including the freedom to exchange mail with all countries of the world, and the end of all attacks by Israeli occupation forces against Palestinian postal workers. PPSWU invites all employees in the postal, communications and logistics sector in the world to visit Palestine and acquire first-hand knowledge about the situation and conditions of workers and the Palestinian people, which has been living under occupation for more than 65 years. We welcome solidarity messages with our union and with the Palestinian people through our email: palpostmen@gmail.com 
5.      PPSWU fully supports the struggles and demands of post and logistics workers from all around the world, and we hope that these demands will be achieved. We call upon all post and logistics workers to boycott, in their workplaces and in their homes, all goods produced in the Israeli colonies that have been illegally established in the occupied Palestinian territory.
Finally, PPSWU reiterates its deep belief in the importance of dialogue and partnership in decision-making and in denouncing the Israeli occupying power’s actions, and confirms that it stands side-by-side with the Palestinian leadership in the common struggle for liberation from Israeli occupation, and the right to self-determination of the Palestinian people.
A Happy May Day to all!
Palestinian Postal Service Workers’ Union

Imad A.A. Temiza 
Vice President for International Relations & Secretary 
Of Palestinian Postal services workers union - (PPSWU)
Member of the general secretariat/Head of youth Department in General Federation of Trade Unions Palestine .

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