zondag 15 september 2013

Israel valt Palestijnse boeren in Gaza aan, nog steeds en meer

Israel exploits Egypt turmoil to increase attacks on Gaza farmers

Farming in the Gaza Strip’s “buffer zone” is hazardous under the best circumstances. Israeli troops routinely shoot live ammunition at Palestinian farmers in the free-fire area, which stretches hundreds of meters into the besieged territory from the barrier separating it and Israel, and invade their fields with tanks and bulldozers.

But Israel’s aggression against civilians in the area has escalated since the Egyptian army deposed elected president Muhammad Morsi and installed a new government on 3 July, according to Gaza’s farmers.

“After the coup in Egypt, the Israelis began shooting more heavily,” said Abu Jamal Abu Taima, a farmer in Khuzaa, a village in the Khan Younis area of southern Gaza.

Zie verder Israel exploits Egypt turmoil to increase attacks on Gaza farmers, 12-9-2013

... “These days, the Israelis are shooting farmers at 500 meters [from the boundary].” ...

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