zondag 20 januari 2013

Palestijnse boeren en arbeiders, door Israel aangevallen

Over Palestijnse boeren en arbeiders die door het Israelische leger zijn aangevallen binnen de Gazastrook, na 'de wapenstilstand' van 21 november 2012: zie Farming Under Fire - List of Palestinians shot.

Since November 22, 2012, 4 Palestinians have been killed and 76 Palestinians, including 14 children have been wounded by IOF fire in Gaza Strip. One of the wounded is fisherman shot in the sea, while the others are protesters, workers and farmers shot in the areas close to the fence of the Green Line.
The data are from PCHR weekly reports, unless otherwise mentioned. In almost all the cases, the victims are mentioned expressly as civilians.
This is not a complete list of Israeli violations of the ceasefire, as it contains only the incidents which resulted in injuries or deaths. ......

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