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TRADING AWAY PEACE: How Europe helps sustain illegal Israeli settlements

Tuesday, 06 November 2012

Date of Publication: 30 October 2012
The October 2012 report titled “TRADING AWAY PEACE: How Europe helps sustain illegal Israeli settlementsis the result of a joint project of 22 organizations, including International Federation for Human Rights, Norwegian People’s Aid, Medical Aid for Palestinians. By providing details of involvement of European companies, the report shows how Europe facilitates the entrenchment and growth of the illegal Israeli settlements through the economic cooperation. It also outlines the effects of the Israeli settlements on Palestinians, explains why the settlements are illegal, highlights the restrictions on Palestinian economy and trade, discloses European corporate and political links with the settlements, analyses European policies with regard to the settlements, and in the end recommends a range of concrete and feasible measures to bring the actions of national governments and the European Union in line with their position on the illegality of the settlements.
Bron: PCHR Gaza

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    UCP zorgde voor vertaling van het rapport 'Trading Away Peace' met de aanbevelingen en heet 'Vrede Verhandelen'.


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