zaterdag 30 juni 2012

Water: Israelisch leger steelt watertank

Lees in Jordan valley: Palestinian familys water confiscated (25-6-2012) over
  • ... The illegal occupation of water resources has made water access an urgent problem. The United Nations declares water a basic human right. The World Health Organization has declared that each individual need access to 100 litres of water per day...
  • ... The Palestinian family dependent on the confiscated water tank now has no access to water as the driest season of the year has just begun...
Zie hierbij ook The right to Water - A Policy of Denial and Forced Displacement in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (Al Haq, 29-11-2011)
Palestinian Council of Human Rights Organisations (PCHRO) contribution to European External Action Service regarding implementation of EU-Israel Action Plan in 2011.
  • ... For many years the Palestinian population of the OPT has suffered from a shortage of clean, safe water. Water is not scarce in the region, which contains several productive aquifers as well as the Jordan River and other natural water sources. However, the problem of water scarcity for Palestinians is a direct result of Israel’s water policies and practices in the OPT. These policies allow Israel to appropriate and exercise control over Palestinian water sources, ensuring that a vastly unequal allocation of water resources benefits Israeli citizens living in Israel and those residing in settlements in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, which were established in contravention of international humanitarian law. This systematic discrimination continues to result in widespread violations of the right to water for Palestinians, which in turn has severe impacts on the rights to life, to adequate food and housing, to work and to health...

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