dinsdag 12 juni 2012

Palestijnse vakbeweging solidair met de Europese vakbonden

Lees: Palestinian trade union movement stands in solidarity with European unions resisting austerity and struggling for social justice:
  • ... a broad coalition comprising almost the entirety of the Palestinian trade union movement, including professional syndicates, is proud to stand in solidarity with trade unions resisting attacks on working conditions, cuts to public services and job losses.
  • The waves of strikes and demonstrations taking place and being planned across Europe and the defeat of pro-austerity governments in France and Greece are timely reminders of the importance and power of struggle, and of the fact that ordinary working people oppose the ideologically driven efforts to make them pay for a crisis caused by powerful political and financial elites.
Het artikel eindigt met de oproep
  • strengthen cross-movement struggles for human rights, social justice and dignified living everywhere.

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