vrijdag 9 maart 2012

Een Australisch vakbondsproject in Palestina

In the Khan Younis area of southern Gaza, the Qdeh family’s modest rabbit farm is one of several Australian trade union humanitarian aid (Apheda) projects which is bolstering food security for poor families.

On a Spring evening in April 2011, Najah Qdeh and her 21-year-old daughter Nidal were in their backyard preparing their family dinner over an open fire. Before the meal had been cooked, both women were killed by a missile fired from an Israeli drone. An eight-year-old daughter watched her mother and sister bleed to death. She became mute. Another daughter was seriously injured and still has shrapnel in her head.

The Israeli government held no investigation and would not consider holding anyone accountable. Who cares about poor Palestinians?

Lees verder Palestine matters, 7-3-2012 - Stuart Rees

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