donderdag 28 juli 2011

Nabi Saleh - Het is een misdaad Palestijnen te bezoeken, volgens Israel

Eerder deze julimaand konden we er getuige van zijn dat en hoe Israel het bezoeken aan Palestina verdacht maakt en aansluitend verhindert. Lees er over in when-folks-like-kathy-kelly-come-to-visit-palestine. Kathy Kelly was één van de vele honderden Palestina-bezoekers, die het bezoek onmogelijk werd gemaakt. 

Zie voorts deze voor zich sprekende twee verslagen over de wekelijkse demonstratie in Nabi Saleh:

Citaat: 'There seems to be no end to the Israeli army’s sick creativity, and Nabi Saleh in particular seems a favorite target. I am not sure how many are currently in jail, but over 10% of the villagers have been detained over the past year and a half for exercising their right to protest against the ongoing illegal annexation of their lands. Like so many communities in Palestine, the inhabitants of Nabi Saleh have seen family members arrested and looked away for weeks, months or years in unproportionately threatening and violent night raids on their homes; during demonstrations, their sons (and sometimes daughters) were detained, and occasionally released the same day without charges. Yet, raiding and storming houses in the middle of the day, in the presence of tens of international and Israeli activists, to arrest young men at gun-point without arrest warrants and only to release them hours later without charges – this seems unusual even for the Israeli army’s regular aggression towards this village. I imagine that the next weeks will show what this means.'

En conclusie: 'On the long run, of course, what we can do to protect the people of Nabi Saleh and of Palestine as a whole is to step up our efforts to expose Israel’s past and ongoing crimes and to pressure organisations and political institutions/governments to sanction Israel until it respects international law and the human rights of all Palestinians.'

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