donderdag 21 april 2011

Britse vakbondsdelegatie in Jeruzalem bij Rode Kruis

British trade unionists visit Jerusalemite officials at Red Cross zie hier en hier.

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)-- The three Palestinian officials threatened with eviction from occupied Jerusalem met on Tuesday morning at the Red Cross headquarters a British delegation of trade unionists.

The trade unionists made their visit to Jerusalem in coordination with the UK Palestine solidarity campaign in order to witness the serious Israeli violations against the indigenous people of the holy city.

The Jerusalemite officials, two lawmakers and one former minister, briefed the delegation about their issue, especially the Arab and international moves being made to confront Israel's intents to expel them from the holy city after it exiled MP Mohamed Abu Atteir.
The issue of Palestinian prisoners was also raised during the meeting.

MP Mohamed Totah, one of the three officials who sought refuge in the Red Cross building to avoid expulsion from their native city, criticized the international community for being concerned about one Israeli soldier captured from his tank and ignoring the suffering of thousands of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails.
"We are a nation under occupation, so why does the world blame us when we defend ourselves," Totah told the visiting delegation.

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