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September 2016: de maand in beeld

The Month in Pictures: September 2016

Palestinians spend time at the beach in Jaffa during the three day Eid al-Adha holiday on 15 September. Thousands of Palestinians from the West Bank swam at beaches in and around Tel Aviv after being granted permits to visit during the holiday. Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip are barred from entering present-day Israel without special permits.
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The close of September marked a year since the emergence of a new and ongoing phase of rebellion and confrontation between Palestinians and Israeli forces, during which approximately 250 Palestinians and 30 Israelis have been killed.

Ten Palestinians, including five children, were killed by Israeli forces during September.
Four boys were shot and fatally wounded in the Hebron area of the occupied West Bank during what Israel alleges were stabbing or car ramming attacks or attempted attacks, though no Israelis were physically injured in most of those incidents. A fifth boy was killed after he was directly hit by a flare bomb fired by a soldier during a protest in Gaza.

Two young Palestinian men were fatally wounded during separate army raids in the West Bank, and two other Palestinians, as well as a Jordanian national, were killed after allegedly stabbing and injuring Israeli soldiers in separate incidents during the month.

Israel transferred the bodies of three Palestinians killed by its forces months earlier: Bahaa Alayan, 23, who was shot dead after he and his cousin killed two Israelis on a bus; Muhammad Abu Khalaf, 20, whose apparent execution by Border Police combatants was caught on video by an Al Jazeera camera crew; and Abd al-Muhsen Hassuneh, 21, killed during what Israel alleges was a car ramming attack – his family say he was heading to a nearby mosque to distribute sweets in celebration of his newly announced engagement when he was slain.

A Palestinian died and three others were critically injured when a tunnel collapsed on Gaza’s northern boundary with Israel.

Israel struck Gaza with air and artillery fire multiple times during the month and leveled lands in the south of the territory, in addition to opening warning fire at Palestinians at sea and around the so-called buffer zone near the boundary with Israel.

Egypt opened Rafah crossing – the sole point of exit and entry for the vast majority of the 1.9 million Palestinians in Gaza – for four days in September to allow travel for Hajj pilgrims. The crossing has been partially opened on just 23 days this year, according to United Nations monitoring.


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