zondag 6 december 2015

ITUC (de internationele vakbeweging) vindt de labeling van nederzettingenproducten een belangrijke stap

EU Labelling of Products from Illegal Settlements an Important Step

The EU’s decision to require labelling of certain products from illegal Israeli settlements on Palestinian territory is an important step, giving consumers the right to make their own choices and providing information about which companies have economic relations with settlements.

Sharan Burrow, ITUC General Secretary, said “These settlements are illegal and are a major barrier to achieving peace, security and the realisation of a two-state solution in line with UN resolutions.  Consumers must have the right to know if products are coming from the settlements, and other governments should follow suit.  This is just one example of the need for transparency and the rule of law in supply chains.  People have a right to know that the products they are buying, wherever the products come from, are free from injustice and exploitation.”

ITUC - 12 November 2015

The ITUC represents 180 million workers in 162 countries and territories and has 333 national affiliates.

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