zondag 30 augustus 2015

Eerste nationale vakbond in VS steunt BDS

First national trade union in the US to endorse BDS ...

Seems the Adelson-Saban-Clinton-AIPAC-J Street-Jewish
Federation-ADL-Hillel-Nutty Christian Fundamentalist-Hollywood
moguls-Etc multi-million dollar, neo-McCarthyist crusade to
undermine BDS is not going well!



*U.S. Industrial Union Votes to Endorse BDS*
The United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America
votes in favor of boycotting Israel, supporting Iran deal.

Haaretz -- 30 August 2015

One of the more prominent industrial unions in the U.S. voted
to endorse the goals of the worldwide boycott, divestment and
sanction (BDS) movement against Israel, citing "its long 
history of violating the human rights of the Palestinians," 
thus purportedly becoming the first nationwide union to do so.

The United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers' national
convention met in Baltimore last week and voted on a string of
foreign and as well as domestic policy issues, including the 
call to boycott Israel and support the nuclear deal with Iran.

According to a statement on the UE's website, the union voted in
favor of the "Justice and Peace for the Peoples of Palestine and
Israel", and cited Israel’s sordid human rights record: "starting 
with the ethnic cleansing of 750,000 Palestinians in 1947-48 that 
turned most of Palestine into the State of Israel."

The move's goal, the union said, was "to pressure Israel to end its
apartheid over the Palestinians just as similar tactics helped to 
end South African apartheid in the 1980s." The union further called 
for the U.S. aid to Israel to be cut off and expressed support for 
"the right to return."

The union also voted on a number of other foreign policy issues, 
including the demand to end U.S. military intervention in the 
Middle East and other regions.

"We (need) to get rid of this culture of war,” said Mike Ferritto, 
a local delegate. “We have done enough damage. We need to get out
of the Middle East," said Brandon Dutton, another delegate.

The vote on Israel was prompted by an encounter with Palestinian trade
unionists during the World Social Forum in Tunisia. Delegate Autumn
Martinez, who cosponsored the resolution and participated in the meet,
said: “It’s absolutely disgusting what is going on. Free Palestine!”

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