maandag 3 februari 2014

Mensenrechtenorganisatie Al-Haq rapporteert

Al Haq - in 2009 winnaar van de Geuzenpenning (NOS over Geuzenpenning 2009) - heeft voor de vakbeweging immer belangrijke rapportages en artikelen.

Deze bijvoorbeeld:

Business and human rights in Palestine a case study on the illegal exploitation of Palestinian natural resources

...  Our challenge, as Al-Haq, is to confront those business interests that are detrimental to the realisation of Palestinian rights by making use of the tools that international law provides us. The UN Guiding Principles and the Working Group have supplied us with additional means that we must utilise. By addressing the profit-based incentive structure in place, we can challenge the business-driven perpetuation of the occupation and the violations of international law committed therein. As long as we are able to continue with this work, there will be no more business as usual. ...

- Water for one people only discriminatory access and water apartheid in the OPT

... Measures taken by the Israeli authorities, including the relentless expansion of settlements, continue to deprive Palestinians of vital water resources necessary for a dignified standard of living. Palestinian communities are left fragmented and confined to shrinking areas. These areas resemble a land-locked archipelago of territory in which essential human rights, and more specifically the right to water, are continuously denied. ...

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