zaterdag 4 augustus 2012

Britse TUC versterkt actie tegen nederzettingen, een rapport en oproep

The UK can lawfully ban goods from the illegal Israeli settlements, concludes a legal opinion from Professor James Crawford SC, TUC 9-7-2012.
  • The TUC is calling on the UK government to bring in such a ban following a successful consumer-led campaign that has seen most supermarkets take settlement goods off their shelves. But consumer pressure is unable to reach all parts of the settlement trade into Britain, with wholesale and catering industries being especially difficult, says the TUC.
  • Volledig TUC-bericht: UK government can legally ban Israeli settlement goods, 9-7-2012
  • Het rapport op de TUC-site: Legal Opinion Israeli Settlements (James Crawford)
En Israeli settlements can face trade bans, says counsel (Independent 9-7-2012)

European governments, including Britain's, have received legal opinion from a leading international counsel who argues they would be fully within their rights to ban trade with Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank.
The formal opinion from James Crawford, professor of international law at Cambridge University, is likely to inject fresh momentum into campaigns in the United Kingdom and elsewhere for a ban, at a time when some EU member states are examining ways of hardening their position on the imports of settlement produce.

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