zondag 22 april 2012

Palestijnse vissers uit Gaza worden aangevallen door Israelische marine

The siege in the sea: Accompanying Gaza’s fishermen under attack by the Israeli Navy, Rosa Schiano19-4-2012.

To accompany the fishermen of Gaza on their boats, as human shields to protect them, it provides not only an account of human rights violations by Israel, but also the feeling of what it means to live under siege in the Gaza Strip.

Since January 2009 Israel has unilaterally imposed a travel limit of three miles inside the waters of Gaza, which , according to the Jericho Accords, should extend up to 20 nautical miles from the coast. A 3 miles limit is actually illegal.

Israeli navy seals are stationed along this 3 mile boundary, attacking anyone who attempts to go beyond and often attacking the fishermen’s boats well within this limit.

As international observers of the boat “Oliva CPS Gaza”  monitor the human rights violations by the Israeli army in the waters of Gaza, we have witnessed many attacks which took place also within two miles from the coast.

Within three miles the fish are not enough, and the waters are often contaminated.
The fishermen, especially all those who sail with the “hasakas,” or local small boats, come back often with nearly empty coffers.

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