maandag 14 november 2011

Verhaal van een schoenmaker in Palestina, in Hebron

Lees het verhaal van Tamir ofwel Abu Taleeb (de vander van Taleeb), een schoenmaker wonend in het zogenaamde H2-deel van Hebron's oude stad.

Hier We are here because we exist - Story of shoemaker in Hebron.

Het artikel eindigt aldus:

"I live here to confirm my existence and prove that we are going to continue our presence in this land," Tamir said.

"The settlers want to scare us and to drive us to despair, they want us to leave this area, that is why they do all this. But we are not leaving. That is why we are here, because we exist and we are not going to allow them to kick us from our lands. This is our land and we ae not going to give up," Tamir said.

Tamir also said that he know he is quite alone in this struggle, and he asked me: "Where are all those large international organizations of Human Rights, the UN? We have lived through 40 years of occupation and where are they? what are they doing?"

When I left, Tamir told me that he dreams on the day when Palestinians can live safe in their land and the settlers leave.

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